ADS has initiated a government customer early adopter program.
Government customers may request access to our beta program.

Space Systems – Mission Support

ADS successfully champions dozens of missions across the Commercial, Civil, DoD, and Intelligence communities. To do so, we have developed a rich application library of tools addressing the lifecycle of space systems, from mission design to flight operations.

Initial studies are conducted to determine concept viability before transitioning to more detailed analyses as the mission progresses. This includes the engineering development of space systems including:

  •   Flight Dynamic Systems
  •   Modeling and Simulation Systems
  •   On-Board Algorithms and Applications

Space Situational Awareness (SSA)

ADS’ analytical capabilities and tools for Space Situational Awareness allow for the rapid extraction of premier astrometric and photometric information. We operate an optical sensor network that provides persistent space object monitoring, in addition to specific event tracking and monitoring services.

Our machine-to-machine interfaces provide customers with near real-time SSA and the ability to conduct dynamic tasking.

Through ADS-operated sensors and our consortium of partners, we provide customers with optical, radar, and passive Radio Frequency sensor modalities for operational decision-makers.

Space Battle Management Command & Control

Space has become a contested domain. And the battlefield is immense.

ADS specializes in Space Battle Management Command and Control (BMC2) systems that reduce complexity by an order of magnitude, significantly improve visualization, and tremendously increase the speed at which decisions can be made.

Our Space BMC2 capabilities enhance Military Space Operator confidence in operational objectives, tactical decision making, and war gaming scenarios.

Astrodynamics Research and Algorithm Development

Our team has a long history of cutting edge fundamental research in astrodynamics, orbitology, error estimation, and probabilistic reasoning.

Through collaboration with research labs, universities, and business partners, we have developed a robust research and development capability. Our goal is to change the status quo with new tools, techniques, algorithms, and ideas to evolve how the space community (government, academia, industry) addresses challenging problems.

We excel at applied research and boast a successful track record in regards to our work transitioning to experimental and operation programs.


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