Our Capabilities

Agile Software Development

ADS uses a proven, repeatable agile software development process which leverages prevalent community practices and is tailored for the defense community. Our method empowers teams through a bottom-up information flow, valuing individuals/interactions and empowering developers to directly impact what they are building.

The ADS Agile Development process involves the customer throughout the project by:

  • Prioritizing features to deliver the greatest business value first
  • Participating in iteration planning and review sessions
  • Demonstrating frequent software builds containing new features

By cross-training developers and setting a standard, ADS assures quality in products, consistency in process, and exceeded expectations by customers and developer teams alike.

Mission Planning

ADS’ experienced team of aerospace and systems engineers help our customers exceed mission objectives via our proficiency in:

  • Spacecraft flight dynamics
  • Guidance navigation and control
  • Large constellation management
  • Rendezvous and proximity operations

Data Processing and Analytics

ADS team members excel in value-added processing of optical data including:

  • Orbit determination and catalog maintenance
  • Space object characterization
  • Normalcy modeling and change detection

Our data processing and analytics provide support for space traffic management, safety of flight, and space battle management. We ensure operationally relevant data volumes and strict timelines that exceed customer requirements.

Our network of persistent and task-track optical sensors collect near real-time data in support of space traffic management, safety of flight, and anomaly investigation.

We aggregate data from a consortium of partners and vendors to provide worldwide collection of optical, radar, and passive Radio Frequency sensors to support SSA research and Space BMC2 operations.

Modeling Simulation and Analysis

ADS has one of the deepest analytical staffs in the industry, and is armed with the vast library of tools and methods required to provide quick studies to mathematical analysis projects or perform complex modeling and simulations of space systems, orbital dynamics, object behaviors, and concepts of operation.

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