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Matthew Wilkins, Islam Hussein, and Christopher Roscoe attended a workshop on Ontologies for Space Object Behavior in Tucson, AZ hosted by the University of Arizona (UA) March 8th-10th, 2016:

The goal of the workshop was to bring together an inter-disciplinary team of researchers from academia, industry, and government to tackle challenging problems in the field of space object behavior science. This included presentations from leading researchers in ontologies and space situational awareness, including Matthew Wilkins of ADS, small group breakout sessions, and hands-on computer programming exercises. On the policy side, UA hosted a panel discussion moderated by US Rep. Martha McSally and a keynote briefing by Air Force Maj. Gen. Roger Teague. The event concluded with a call to action for the research community to begin to address the challenges head-on, and ADS is proud to be a founding member of this team.