Applied Defense Solutions (ADS) is a leader in aerospace engineering, software development, and space situational awareness. Collaborating with NASA, Commercial and International Partners, the Department of Defense, and the Intelligence Community, we provide critical support for space exploration, operations, and protection.

Founded in 2005, our team comprises top-notch research scientists, program managers, software developers, aerospace engineers, and business professionals. Our highly trained technical staff has flown dozens of satellites, including NASA science missions (IBEX, LCROSS, LADEE, CPOD), military communications satellites, and commercial imagery satellites.

Additionally, our software and aerospace engineers collaborate to build innovative flight dynamics software systems that automate trajectory design and maneuver planning, orbit determination and propagation, collision assessment and avoidance, and other mission critical functions.

ADS has initiated a government customer early adopter program.
Government customers may request access to our beta program.


  • Space Systems - Mission Support
  • Space Situational Awareness (SSA)
  • Space Battle Management Command and Control (BMC2)
  • Astrodynamics Research and Algorithm Development


  • Agile Software Development
  • Mission Planning
  • Data Processing and Analytics
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Modeling Simulation and Analysis

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  • Upon arriving at ADS, I was immersed in a collaborative and productive environment. I was exposed to a wealth of knowledge and encouragement from my coworkers. Our agility and diversity allows us to view challenges from many angles and discover robust solutions at an astonishing rate. Most importantly, I was able to see my ideas transform into methods that are used in practice today. I stayed on full time because I want to continue working in a place that supports my growth as an individual and allows me to contribute to the community.

    Wes F.
    Aerospace Engineer
  • ADS provided me the opportunity to experience a variety of different environments and find my niche. I was able to create my own role, allowing me to increase my strengths and improve upon my weaknesses. The team’s support has been fundamental in my growth here. The cross-divisional work grants me new insight on the very technical and meaningful work we do. Moving from a commercial product-focused background to a technical environment is an interesting challenge that I look forward to tackling each day.

    Colleen P.
    Marketing and Operations Administrator
  • I look for projects that allow me to solve complex problems from the perspective of a full stack developer. I like to work in all areas, from the user interface all the way through to the back-end services, process and databases. I like to solve problems and provide fast, reliable solutions that make people say, ‘Wow!’ I don’t want to be a member in a really large team that contributes small snippets of code here and there. I prefer to have input into all layers of the solution if that makes sense. I look for projects that fit into this mold. ADS does a good job of providing me these kinds of opportunities.

    David M.
    Software Engineer